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Electronic Filers Identification Number (EFIN)
Pursuant to Federal Law and IRS Regulations you must have an Electronic Filers Identification Number (EFIN) in order to electronically file tax returns as a paid professional. If you have not submitted IRS Form 8633 to the IRS Andover Submission Center you must do so to obtain an EFIN. Additionally, if you are not an Attorney, CPA, Enrolled Agent, or other exempt individual, you must submit your finger prints on the IRS approved finger print card along with Form 8633. To obtain Form 8633 and your finger print card call the IRS at 1-866-255-0654 before 3:30 PM Eastern Time. Call your local police department of sheriff's office to arrange a time to be finger printed. If you have any difficulty filling in Form 8633 e-mail or call us.

If you have not already done so please furnish us your Social Security Number (SSN) and your EFIN by sending us an e-mail with the numbers. We need this information to complete setting up your account so that you'll be able to efile. If you do not have your EFIN yet then send us your SSN and EFIN via email as soon as you get it.

Important Notice if you intend to transmit returns from multiple locations.
Electronic Return Originators (EROs) must submit new Forms 8633 when expanding their IRS e-file businesses to additional physical locations. Applications must be submitted with fingerprint cards for all principals of the firm and responsible officials listed on the application unless fingerprint cards have been submitted before with an application that was accepted into the IRS e-file program. Evidence of professional status may be substituted for fingerprint cards if the principal or responsible official is an attorney, CPA, enrolled agent, banking official who is bonded and has been fingerprinted within the last TWO years, or officer of a publicly owned corporation as specified in the Internal Revenue procedure.

EROs must submit new Forms 8633 only for additional fixed locations from which the origination of the electronic submission of the return will occur. A fixed location is an office owned or leased by the ERO.